Vision: A world full of empowered women, free of slavery and filled with creativity, harmony and peace.


I was always an unusual girl.

About me

My name is Jacquelene and I am a writer, creator, yogi and activist. I believe that the keys to living a happy life are through health, travel, yoga, creativity and of course helping those in need. I am driven by my compassion and truly want to help make our world a place of peace. I am currently living in Ghana where I had been ghost-writing a book that I believe will have a huge impact and bring light to the awful organized crime that is modern-day slavery. I am now currently working in communications for a grass-roots child’s rights and anti-trafficking organization in Ghana. This is my life-these are my words.


The Red Lotus Project is a place to share news, stories and ideas on the beauty of our world while also raising awareness on global issues. Call it a beautiful disaster.