So maybe I am… a vow to understand myself

Someone once told me I was crazy. But you know what, someone once told me a lot of things.

So then I decided, if I was going to be crazy, I might as well do something worth talking about. Do something with meaning and give people a reason to think.

So I packed my bags, my life. The past was just that and my future, hot, passionate and painful. It was full of all I desired.


If I was a flower I’d be passionate, wild and free.

I set out to make a meaning of this life; to live a life of service to others which meant it was for me too.

And I never really returned. I never truly came back because, maybe I am a little bit crazy.

But the crazy ones are the ones who give themselves time to feel free. Who take it all off and scream loud from every part of their body because, there just has to be more…

I was born to help others. To open my heart and let everyone in until I have used up everything.that I forgot who I was; that I was important.

I was born to be free and to teach others that they could know what its like to feel free, even for a moment until until I’d be back again. Its a struggle that spirals from wonderment to wonder.

I believe in those who are crazy; whose emotions are wild and free.


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