These Days: Welcome baby Beatrice!


On Saturday February 16th a beautiful little girl joined the world and I was so pleased to be able join in with my neighbors and Ghanaian family on welcoming her. Traditionally in Ghana, a woman and her baby must stay in the house for a week and be kept out of public view. On the 8th day the baby will receive their name in a naming ceremony. I feel so lucky to have been invited by Manuel and Comfort to the naming ceremony of their beautiful baby girl. They asked me to be the photographer which I graciously accepted.

There were about twenty of us who attended the back yard garden ceremony. Brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors; all of us family. We waited in anticipation to meet Comfort and her new baby girl. When they finally emerged from their home, Comfort was dressed head to toe in white ,her smile beaming brighter than the sun.  Her baby was swaddled in a white blanket, her tiny face peeking out, her eyes lightly shut as she slept. My heart jumped, my eyes welled up but I did not let the happy tears fall. It was one of the most beautiful moments I have ever experienced. We had all been waiting a week to meet this new life and we all had our arms wide open to welcome her. She was only 8 days old and she had so much love surrounding her. There were tears, there was prayer and there was a lot of drumming and dancing.

Welcome to the world little baby Beatrice Erran Mishewoo. I am so happy to spend my days with her and her loving family.


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