You should know about: Challenging Heights


In the sea side town of Winneba, Ghana sits the Challenging Heights Hovde House. Challenging Height’s mission is to protect Ghana’s youth and ensure they have a strong future; one with an education, health and rights.

The Challenging Heights school welcomes about 700 children who are either survivors of child slavery or are at risk of becoming a victim. They support these children and also work to rescue rehabilitate and reintegrate those children who have been trafficked. Challenging Heights also works to create awareness in the community to prevent child slavery and the re-trafficking of children who have been rescued.

James Kofi Annan is the founder of Challenging Heights and he too was once a child slave. At the young age of 6 he was forced to work on Lake Volta only managing to escape 7 years later. James is now working to ensure that children who were slaves like himself, or are at risk to become slaves receive and education and a fighting chance at the wonderful life they deserve. The organization believes that education and female empowerment are the most important things to eliminating slavery.

Today, Challenging Heights runs 7 projects including a survivor rehabilitation center and a support network protecting children and giving them the chance to go to school.

James Kofi Annan is a hero with an amazing story of survival. I am so thrilled to be able to share his entire story with you in the near future…


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