Non-Profit you should know about

Mother Health International.


Recently I had the opportunity to learn a little about MHI and what they do for women at one of their Earth Birth Houses in Uganda. I was extremely impressed by their model and approach. MHI provides relief and care to expecting mothers, new mothers and their children. They work with traditional midwives within their communities to create positive birth experiences in their sustainable Earth Birth Houses which are located in Atiak, Uganda and Soley Lavi, Haiti. 
Women in Northern Uganda have suffered greatly in the last two decades- they have been used as sex slaves, they have been forced to have multiple children to produce more soldiers for the rebel army and they have been beaten mentally and physically. Although the war has ended, these women still bare the scars and trauma of their mis-treatment. 
The Ot Nywal Me Kuc (House of Birth and Peace) was created to reduce maternal and infant mortality.  Women who come to the house do not have to pay for care but they must involve themselves in projects to sustain it in exchange for care. Projects including gardening, sewing and beading. 
MHI does not rely heavily on foreign aid. Instead they have created clinics that sustain themselves financially. With this model, MHI will be around for quite some time and that is great news for the communities that they support. 
Please check them out here. 

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