Growing up, like most,  I was always told not to talk to strangers. Years later, now 27,  I have found that strangers can be the exact thing you need while going through a hard time. Of course I am not talking about every stranger, we always have to stay safe and be careful, but there are those few people that in passing moments can make your day. Whether it is after a hard day at work and as you lean your head against your hand at a red light that seems to last forever, the man crossing the street shouts out,    “Don’t worry girl, it will be alright,” or the old man who asks you how your day is as you wait at the DMV and when you ask him back he says, “I’m just happy I can walk.” These moments can help take you out of your head, out of all the thoughts swirling around that make you lose focus.

                                      In just one moment you were able to change an entire day.


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