UN Peacekeepers killed by rebels

Rebel group M23 has claimed the lives of 2 UN Peacekeepers according to Sean Carasso’s twitter page. Sean Carasso is the Founder of Falling Whistles– a 501c3 that works with leaders in the Congo to advocate and rehabilitate children who have been affected by the war. These children were sent to the front lines armed with only a whistle. Falling Whistles encourages people to buy whistles and use them to become Whistleblowers for peace.

Photo courtesy of fallingwhistles.com

The update came from Carasso’s twitter page 7 hours ago. I was only able to find information about one of the Peacekeepers killed but I will continue to search for further details.

Rebel group M23 is named for the date the former rebels, CNDP, signed an peace agreement with the Congolese government. In April, an army unit led by former CNDP leader Bosco Ntaganda, fled into the bush and the rebel group M23 was formed.

The rebels have strategically taken the villages of Jambo and Bunagana cutting off access to the boarding crossing of Bunagana into Rwanda and Uganda.

A Peacekeeper of Indian origin was killed after a shell exploded in the village of Bunagana.

Read the entire article here and be sure to visit Falling Whistle’s page. 


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