Sex Tourism

American men have been traveling abroad to have sex with children for years. Recently a father of 2 was accused of having sex with a child in Cambodia but denied allegations. You can read the entire story in the Phnom Penh Post.

US Agents are now operating in South East Asia to bring men back to the states who allegedly travel abroad for sex with children. They have arrested over 80 American men but more continue to flock to these poor countries for sex tourism.

While traveling in South East Asia, I saw a western man, at a high end hotel in Thailand, with a young girl holding a giant teddy bear. He checked in to the hotel. No one said anything, including me. I do not want to speculate, perhaps this girl was an adopted daughter but the statistics and facts point in a different direction. With the knowledge I now have about sex tourism, next time I will confront the front desk and the man. I will not let this happen.


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