Help End Modern Day Slavery

According to the U.S. Department of States 2011 Trafficking in Persons report, there are approximately 100,000 slavery victims in the United States. In a recent article done by the CNN Freedom Project, 3 voices, an activist, a Rabi and a researcher weigh in on what you can do to help end slavery.

Activist: Rob Morris, president and ceo of Love 146 tells CNN that “We must believe that change can happen.” Although some people call it “naive or idealistic” to believe that we can end human trafficking, Morris calls it “audacious.” He continues, “…we don’t give up… even when it gets hard.”

Rabi: Rachel Kahn-Troster, Director of Education and Outreach Rabbis for Human Rights in North America tells CNN, “Money and knowledge is power.” She continues to talk about how slavery is “hidden in the open” and we need to take notice when things do not seem right like a someone who took notice when a “nanny who never left the house or a hotel worker who noticed a child who seemed scared and not with people they knew.”

Researcher: Christina Bain, Director of the Program on Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery at Harvard Kennedy School’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, says to CNN, “Academic research should influence the public hemisphere.” Bain believes that “By effectively combining resources, tools and knowledge, public/private partnerships and academia could begin to meet the challenges of modern-day slavery prevention.”

To read the full article and learn more about how to end modern day slavery click here


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